Everything you need to let customers order food online.

You get your own online ordering menus. Continue to use your current domain and website. You can accept credit cards or cash. We will process orders, make billing adjustments and manage menu changes for you.

Grow your carryout, catering, dine in & delivery business.

Make your customers happy Customers can use any web device to order and to pay. You can get more customers and delight your existing customers.
Real time orders Real time orders is now possible, get orders via email, ePrint, web, POS and fax. What more needed to ease your customer's food ordering experience?
Enhance your existing business Manage and maintain loyal customers hooked to your website. Post your magnetizing menus in social media to attract new customers.
Make instance menu changes Update new menus daily, so customers will be more interested to order food online regularly.
Manage your business effectively Tracking the ingredients used and maintaining other costs is now easy and flexible. Detailed settings will guide to manage both your work and order levels.
Use marketing techniques to enhance business Accelerate your business using deals, discounts, promo codes and coupons.

Any Menu, Big or Small

Have a big menu? Now worries. No job is too difficult! We work with you so you are satisfied.With online-promotion Menus you can upload your food images and specials. Change the menu, customize dish modifiers, specify prep times, protein temperatures and more. Offer your customers detailed selections, add-ons, up sells & dietary items.

Customizable Design

Designed to match your brand.

Website Program Menus are highly customizable. Our menus are designed to match your brand, look and feel. Menus are added to your existing website. Your customers stay on your site to order their food, keeping their eyes focused on your brand!

Menu Settings

Online Promotion has lots of menu settings to choose from. Adding and editing your choices is easy to do.

Create Detailed Menus

Display your current menu. Include the same level of detail, addons, multiple toppings and upsells.

Offer Specials & Deals

Create promotions, coupon codes and daily deals. Put special selections on sale for a limited time.

Make Changes, Anytime

Change your menu and prices anytime. Quickly turn items ON/OFF. Changes appear instantly.

Show More Than One Menu

Display separate menus for selections like daily specials, coupons, catering, lunch or dinner.

Safe, Secure & Reliable

Online Promotion menus are hosted on our cloud and transmitted to your website using our lightning fast servers, SSL security & PCI Compliant processing, so you donít have to worry about the technical side.

Secure Order Processing

100% PCI-DSS compliant and verified. Your security is important. We use the highest industry standards for processing & data storage.

Accept Payments

Zuppler takes the hassle out of selling food online. We provide you with merchant services and credit card processing so you can accept major credit cards using our processor or access your own merchant provider.

Full Control

Online promotion has lots of menu settings to choose from. Adding and editing your choices is easy to do.

See whatís it like to control your online promotion Powered Menu.
You can manage and edit your menuís content by logging into your online promotion Control Panel. Access the online Promotion admin to see details of each order. Control all the features you need to run your own online ordering menu.
Manage Your Menu Edit your menuís content, turn items ON/OFF and receive payments from customers.
Track Performance Learn where your customers are ordering from. online promotion keeps track of all your orders & customer info.
Access Info You own the user info that is collected. Access all order data and download your records.

POS Partners

Receive online orders through your POS. We support direct POS integration through participating providers.

Join Zuppler today and contact your online promotion Coach to learn more about integration with your POS system.

Full Service & Support

We provide you with everything you need.

When you sign up for Zuppler we take care of all the technical things, so you can focus on what you do best, cooking great food. If you need any help, our dedicated online promotion Support Team will assist you.

Excellent Service

Setup & Installation Free Setup, Free Test Order & Guided Tour.  
Menu Changes Contact us anytime to edit your menu content.  
Feature Updates & Upgrades online promotion is constantly adding new features to our menu programs.  
In Store Merchandise Join The Combo Pack & get the online promotion Welcome Kit. Promote online ordering to customers.  

Excellent Support

24/7 Member Support U.S. Based support will help with daily requests.  
online promotion Coach Our online promotion Coaches personally assist you.  
24/7 Customer Care online promotion provides your online customers with support for their orders, billing and feedback.  
Live Order Monitoring "No Order Left Behind Policy" We track and alert you of every order.  

Domain Name

We register user friendly and best domain names for your restaurant website. We fetch you the easy to remember and catchy names as this will record your restaurant name in the minds of the people, this in turn will help them to reach you quickly. The domain name will include your restaurant name too. All these will make easy for clients to reach your site, this will serve good for SEO as well.


We offer secure and safe web hosting with great uptime guarantee. We keep an eye on your website round the clock and ensure easy customer access to your site. In case of any problems, our team will act proactively and fix it up at the earliest. Our high end technology and servers promises highest performance guarantee. Also, you can access your website in various locations with unified login.

Web order

We render web ordering solution to your restaurants, hotels, pubs and bars. Your customers can now go through the menu and then start ordering from your website. A thorough automated system helps your customers to do a hassle free transaction using your website on mobile app. Our state of art technology allows you to take online orders instantly and makes it easy and simple.

Facebook order

Social media is the best way to draw in more customers. Allow your facebook followers fans to order food using your profile page. Studies reveal that people use facebook than search engines like Yahoo, Google etc. So make use of the facebook where all customers gather. We help you to create easy- to- share ordering tools that will get into your social media network of your clients.

Email Order
Mobile App

User View

Schedule orders Make immediate delivery, pre orders and pre schedule orders post business hours without much difficulty. Menu search Looking for attractive menu, use our easy menu search to find the tantalizing delicacies. Explore the different menu list with ease. Group orders Now create an order and send the link to all your friends and neighbors eating with you. Organize parties and lunch with your colleagues and near ones. Avail the group pay or split pay option.

Get Real time orders

Don't be afraid to start, we guide and teach you to manage your menus. We will train your staff and make them feel comfortable to handle new order tickets. Now you can get orders using
  • Fax
  • Internet
  • Email
  • ePrint
  • POS

How It Works

An information about how our website works. Simply put we are food ordering system for restaurants, fast food joints and pubs that own a website but still not very fruitful without having the right online ordering system. Menustart is an easy and simple system, reach us and we will take rest of the process.
  • Customers sees the menu and places the order online
  • Menstart receives and routes the order to the restaurant ( Email, Internet, Fax)
  • Restaurant takes the order (Internet or phone)
  • Customer is intimated about the order time
  • Restaurant works on the order
  • Restaurant takes the order to customer's place or the customer picks the order.
  • Menustart pays the restaurant (weekly or immediately)

Control Panel Tour

Key features
  • Get access to reports and information
  • Create real time reports
  • Do order adjustments
  • Receive statements weekly
  • Download necessary information
  • Enhance your customer database
  • Update new items images
  • Manage order levels
Menu settings
  • Customize your menu items
  • Manage your menu settings
  • Manage your delivery settings
specials and Discounts
  • Create promotional discounts and offers both globally and locally
  • Create special meals that include combo meals, dinner, lunch , brunch, catering, party orders etc
Time management
  • Control all the important settings that include minimum order amount, service charge, tip, preparation time etc.
  • You can have control over the orders you receive. This option will be handy during peak hours
  • When you receive overwhelming orders, you can pause the online orders using the pause option
Report generation
  • You can customize menus at any point in time, and get reports about the order volume, repeated orders, order trends and much more.

Domain & hosting

We help you to get the desired domain name relevant to your business and take care of the hosting too.

Video Tutorials

Here is the video tour exclusively for you which will show you how to use the control panel.

Menu settings will be done by us. You can either make the changes by yourself or get in touch with us. Check this video to know how to make the changes.

Google cloud print & google analytics

Free Changes & Maintenance

We do not charge you for any changes and maintenance.

Email order

We manage email orders for you.


Manage your invoice system easily without any hassle


Receive orders through fax too.

Start your 30-day free trial today.

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